Federation of Dredging Contractors

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Members of the Federation undertake many types of marine works including:

  • maintenance and capital dredging of ports, harbours and waterways
  • land reclamation; beach renourishment
  • beach and shore protection
  • contaminated material treatment and disposal
  • outfalls and gas/oil landfall pipeline installation
  • sand and gravel supply
  • rock breakwater and revetment construction
  • environmental mitigation works
  • major and minor port and marine civil engineering projects.

 Secretariat of the Federation of Dredging Contractors

c/o Alliotts

Imperial House
15 Kingsway
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If you have enquiries regarding specific types of dredging/marine related activities, then please feel free to contact one of the FDC members directly (see website links at the bottom of the page). As an example, members are involved in the following activities: