Federation of Dredging Contractors

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Members of the Federation undertake many types of marine works including:

  • maintenance and capital dredging of ports, harbours and waterways
  • land reclamation; beach renourishment
  • beach and shore protection
  • contaminated material treatment and disposal
  • outfalls and gas/oil landfall pipeline installation
  • sand and gravel supply
  • rock breakwater and revetment construction
  • environmental mitigation works
  • major and minor port and marine civil engineering projects.

Federation of Dredging Contractors

The current members of the Federation are:

Van Oord (UK) Ltd
Jan De Nul (UK) Ltd
Boskalis Westminster Ltd.
Dredging International 
Rohde Nielsen UK                         
Land & Water Ltd
UK Dredging
Dutch Dredging b.v.



Historical notes

The Federation of Dredging Contractors was first formed at a meeting held in the offices of Hogg Bullimore at River Plate House, Finsbury Circus, in the City of London on Thursday 29th August 1946.

The original members at that time were: - 

1. Harbour & General Works Ltd
2. James Dredging, Towage & Transport Co Ltd
3. K L Kalis, Sons & Co Ltd
4. Nash Dredging & Reclamation Co Ltd
5. The Dredging & Construction Co Ltd
6. Tilbury Dredging & Contracting Co Ltd
7. Westminster Dredging Co Ltd  (now Boskalis Westminster Ltd)

Followed shortly after by: -
8. Britannia Dredging Co Ltd
9. HAM Dredging Ltd

By 1969 the ranks had been joined by: -
10. Sir Alfred McAlpine Zanen Dredging Co Ltd
11. Anglo Dutch Dredging Co Ltd
12. Intercontinental Dredging Co Ltd In 1970
13. Seven Seas Dredging Ltd
And in 1971
14. J Murphy & Sons Ltd
15. MB (Mears Bros) Dredging Co Ltd

By 1977 the Federation had acquired: -
16. Broekhoven Ltd
17. Costain Blankevoort Dredging Co Ltd
18. DOS (De Cloet Overseas) Dredging Co Ltd
19. Holland Dredging Co Ltd
20. PvW International Dredging & Harbour Works Ltd
21. Volker Dredging Ltd

...in more recent years the names have also included

22. Van Oord ACZ
23. Dredging International
24. Jan de Nul
25. Bilberg Dredging

...and lately

26. UK Dredging

27. Dutch Dredging b.v.


The prosperous years of the 70’s followed by the lean years of 80’s and 90’s saw a series of acquisitions and consolidations in the industry resulting in both changes of name and the disappearance of many company names.

The Secretariat remained with Hogg Bullimore in the City of London but moved in the 70’s to Chile House, Ropemaker Street until they became part of the Alliott Group based in Kingsway.

Chairmanship of the Federation was an honoured responsibility bestowed in strict company rotation. With membership of 12 or 14 companies the opportunity of chairmanship gave a respected position in the industry for many years.

Historically the Federation embarked on significant contractual guidance and legislative issues, for example specific Conditions of Contract (a Blue Book based on ICE 4th of the time) were drawn up to address Dredging and Reclamation works. 

We have always been consulted by Government on new legislation and have been recognised as our industry’s voice in consultation.

We have maintained good relationships with Government bodies, Port Authorities, Private industry and Environmental groups, associated with the Marine, Port and Coastal Sectors. 

We have provided a forum to meet industrial peers and discuss issues of mutual importance.