Federation of Dredging Contractors

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Members of the Federation undertake many types of marine works including:

  • maintenance and capital dredging of ports, harbours and waterways
  • land reclamation; beach renourishment
  • beach and shore protection
  • contaminated material treatment and disposal
  • outfalls and gas/oil landfall pipeline installation
  • sand and gravel supply
  • rock breakwater and revetment construction
  • environmental mitigation works
  • major and minor port and marine civil engineering projects.


Welcome to the Federation of Dredging Contractors - the dredging industry body representing member companies operating within the United Kingdom.

The current members undertake or are involved in the majority of dredging, land reclamation and marine projects carried out around the United Kingdom.


 An introductory flyer to the FDC 

The aims and objectives of the Federation are:- 

a) To actively promote and protect the interests of the Federation, its Members and the UK dredging industry as a whole. This includes dialogue with Clients, Consultants and Authorities alike on issues where communication is required to serve the interests of all stakeholders and the environment;

b) To represent the Members on issues (including projects) of general importance with unions, regulatory bodies, trade organisations and authorities;

c) To actively provide input to institutes dealing with forms of contract, legislation, dispute resolution and standards to ascertain that the specific aspects of our dredging work are recognised and appreciated;

d) To cooperate with other similar organisations, federations or associations to harmonize mutual interest and exchange views on how to improve relations with Clients;

e) To represent the Members at events, conferences, meetings and seminars where dredging interests have to be supported;

f) To actively promote our industry and work to (young) people who are interested in dredging by visiting universities, polytechnics and other venues where employment opportunities are offered; and

g) To investigate and approach potential new members to cover the whole range of dredging contractors in the UK.